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Adventures in Pop Culture from Midlife

Once again into the breach!

I see so much about fandom for young people, and I think it's great. Never in my life did I think it would be Good to be Geek. I remember being 14, in high school, walking around with all of this "stuff" in my head and no one to talk to about it. I mean, seriously, where are you going to find people to talk to about the morality of Kimba the White Lion. Why a dragon would make a better pet than a dinosaur. That Captain Kirk is way more handsome than Magnum PI. How amazingly awesome the Bionic Woman is. Why do they keep canceling all of the good fantasy and sci-fi tv shows... How your idea of a great summer day is bookstores or a movie in the day and staying up all night to watch The Twilight Zone, Night Gallery and a couple of cheesy old horror movies.

It was a tough load to carry.

And then of course I found my local comics shop. And then Star Wars exploded. And then I found conventions. OMG people like me. Mostly guys, but that was okay. I wasn't anywhere the definition of high school pretty, but walk into a room at a convention and suddenly 99% of the eyes were on me ( being one of like 5 girls in the entire weekend). It did wonders for my self esteem. I was truly home.

My 54th birthday was Saturday, marking also my 40th year in fandom. As part of my weekend, we went into a gaming store because I needed some dice, and found some things never change. I was one of only two females in the room (the other was my daughter!) and all eyes were on me and her. There were even some dropped jaws. I can still pwn them!

So, I am seeing a good deal of wonderful things for young geeks/nerds/fans that I had so wished for when I was young. However, now I think there's a niche for an old geek's perspective on pop culture, so here it goes. I will be writing about movies, television, gaming, anime, music, comic books, the internet - all things geek.

For those just tuning in, here's a bit of background, i.e. All About Me. And of course my cats.

The basics: I am 54 years old, cis female, a mom, retired librarian, writer, daydreamer and GEEK.

My fandoms: Where so I start? My all time favorite: Robin of Sherwood. Highlander. Quantum Leap (almost named my daughter Sam). Stargate SG1. Doctor Who (David Tennant, Chris Eccelston, Tom Baker.) Star Trek (Next Gen, Picard), Star Wars (episodes 1,2 3 don't count). Xena, Hercules. Firefly. Game of Thrones. Castle. Elementary (Jonny Lee Miller is my favorite Sherlock, followed by Robert Downey Jr). I could go on and on but most of you are asleep already. :-)

I have one daughter who of course was raised Geek. She has achieved Nerdvana, making it out to San Diego Comic Con before she turned 14. She was one month old at her first convention (Tropicon, a former South Florida literary convention, sorely missed).She's still for the most part my partner in crime, although now we get to conventions and she goes off in one direction while I go off in another.

Our family viewing night is Game of Thrones. We RPG together. Countless hours debating such topics such as was the last Avengers movie really misogynistic? What's going on with Hulk and Black Widow? Who's hotter -Cap or Bucky? Loki or Thor? I'm Cap she's Bucky; I'm Thor, she's Loki.

Aaaannnywaay...even my cat is telling me this is too long so I will adjourn until later.

In the meantime Welcome to My World!


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