Jul. 20th, 2015 06:54 pm
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Subscriptions to good things that come in boxes delivered to your doorstep seem to be all of the rage theses days! Everything from food to clothing to cool gadgets and toys pop up like year round Christmas presents. I have curtailed my consumerism and only have two suscriptions, #ipsy makeup and LootCrate, all things geek. I received July's LootCrate today. Yay!

I have heard there ared other geek boxes out there that are better than LootCrate but so far they've given me nothing to complain about. This month is an especially fun one called "Heroes 2." I got a Batrang keychain that is also a bottle opener, flathead screwdriver and crosshead screwdriver, a Wonder Woman as Rosie the Riveter mini-poster, a Batman Q-Pop figure, a Zelda wristband, a book called REGRETABLE SUPERHEROES by Jon Morris, and a Spock "Live Long and Prosper" car freshener, as well as the monthly pin and magazine.

On the one hand, it just furthers our social isolation -you don't have to go out and engage anyone. However, as someone with a disability, these boxes are a joy, something relatively inexpensive to brighten one's day.


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